Suicide Awareness – Yellow Ribbon Service

Our community was shocked and saddened by the death of a local lady who fell in to a local river not far from the Hub.

Following this tragic event and to also to raise awareness around suicide and the impacts, we decided to hold a service around the tree in car park next to the Hub. We invited the local Vicar and our community to light candles, take a moment of reflection and to tie a yellow ribbon around our tree. 
Rev. Simon Watkinson from St Peter’s Church gave a blessing and lead a prayer. He spoke about all faiths and how people can get support and feel they are loved. He spoke about the candles and the service bringing some light into the darkness.

Officers from GMP Bury North also attended and paid there respects. Many local people attended, including a couple who had sadly lost their son to suicide and they told us that this service had brought them some comfort.
We would like to reminder everyone that we are here for our community and anyone can pop into the Hub for a brew or chat during our opening hours. 
MH Support can be accessed via the following:
Bury Involvement gFoup 
0161 222 4005
QWELL – Adult Mental health group
24 hour support, online and via downloadable app. 
Kooth – Young People & Childrens Support
Kwell – 24 hour support, online and via downloadable app. 

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