We Started With
A Simple Idea

FGRS Community Hub was formed in March 2022, from the idea of helping the local community from the Redvales ward out of the impact of Covid.

We acquired a space within Bury Football Club and officially opened on 1st August 2022.

Our objectives are:

● Community room with groups
● Food Pantry
● School uniform hub


FGRS Goals

Our aim is to provide accessible, confidential, and diverse support to our local community.
We want to combat social isolation, food poverty and to improve mental wellbeing by ensuring our local community has a safe space to access support and help.

We aim to become an integral part of our local community and support local voluntary and statutory agencies to access and engage with the community about a large number of issues.

FGRS stands for Fishpool, Goshen, Redvales and Springs. This makes up the Redvales ward in Bury. Although our primary focus is this ward, due to a lack of community support services, we do however endeavor to support residents of Bury as a whole.

Our Team

Gemma Goss

Trustee & Chair

Jeannette Procter


Wendy Dutka


Sherridan Matthews

Trustee & Secretary

Nicola Smith


Tony Dutka


Elizabeth Brockbank

Trustee & Treasurer

Elaine Valle-Jones